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Three Things No One Tells You About Your Boudoir Shoot

Three Things No One Tells You About Your Boudoir Shoot - Ginny Leavitt Health Consulting

So you've scheduled a boudoir session with a great photographer! You have your outfit picked out, you've thought about some poses you'd like, you've planned your hair and makeup. If you've booked with a pro photographer, he or she will most likely have a great location for you (if not your own home) and also some great suggestions with decor, lighting, and any props (we're talking veils and pillows here, y'all!).

AND, if you're working with a pro, you're most likely going to get some coaching on how to work that camera!

However, there are definitely 3 things that no one tells you about before doing your boudoir shoot, and I think they're hugely important to how good you feel in front of the camera... and ultimately how well the photos turn out.

Let's dive in!

Number 1: Don't eat salty foods a few days before your session.

Salt, greasy and fried foods, and other processed junk are huge contributors to one of our main mojo killers: bloat. Bloat more or less impacts how you feel in your own skin, making you feel larger than you appear, uncomfortable, or overall no sexy - but there's also the chance that it can physically show up on the camera. Bloat is typically associated with the belly, but can also appear as facial or general puffiness that can make us feel we don't look our best. If you want to feel your most confident while you're your most vulnerable, I suggest skimping on these foods for a week before your shoot, and drinking plenty of water every day!

Number 2: Don't act like a sex kitten... unless you are actually a sex kitten. (In other words - be you!)

I know this seems out of the scope of health coaching, but this has more to do with overall self-confidence, so bear with me! Your future spouse probably knows you as one way when it comes to your intimacy (or, he may not know you yet as any way, and that's ok too!). If you're not normally over-the-top suggestive, don't feel the pressure to present that in your boudoir photos! Of course, you totally can if you want to - the key here is to do what feels right for you. But it may set a precedence for how you want to be seen that may not actually align with how you feel, and a good portion of a healthy sexual relationship within a healthy marriage is managing expectations and having very clear lines of communication. If you portray yourself in makeup you'd never wear again, in an outfit that makes you uncomfortable, and in poses that just feel like anyone but you, you're doing yourself a disservice by not allowing your natural sexuality to play through. And while exploration is healthy, it should empower you - not make you feel less-than!

Number 3: Don't wait until 1 week out to decide you want to make a change.

Boudoir is a very intimate photo session, one that usually requires a strong sense of vulnerability. If you decide one-week out that you're not happy with the way your body rolls when you move a certain way, it may impact how comfortable you feel in that setting. While I recommend body love above all else, I also understand that sometimes we desire to make changes that help us just feel healthier or more confident in your skin. If you are experiencing any sense of discomfort or a lack of confidence, address that sooner rather than later - whether it's learning to find peace in the skin you're in, or reaching out for the help you need to make the healthy changes you desire.

Ginny Leavitt, Bridal Health Consultant, discusses three things no one tells brides before their boudoir shoot.

Bonus Number 4: HAVE FUN.

These sessions are as much as gift for you as they are for your future husband. Cherish that time in front of the camera as your chance to let loose, explore, and create a beautiful memory.

If you're looking for local lingerie to spice up your boudoir or honeymoon, be sure to check out Bits of Lace Lingerie. I also can't recommend Kelsey Halm with Kelsey Halm Photography enough - she has a great eye for boudoir and an empowering presence! For your beauty needs, head over to Alter-Image and book with Jasmine or one of her stylists - they're phenomenal!

Our shoot was styled by Jessica Weber of Aisle East, with furniture and decor provided by Simply Elegant Rentals. Location: The Gadsden House, Charleston SC. Model: Audrey Smoak.

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