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3 Healthy and Quick Recipes for Those Super Busy Weeks

Three Healthy and Quick Recipes for Busy Weeks during wedding planning. Check out recipes at

Life can be crazy, especially when trying to plan a wedding.

That's why I've created a recipe book of my favorite go-to recipes for wildly busy weeks. I am a fan of leftovers and repurposing, and I'm not afraid of culinary shortcuts - and I don't sacrifice on health, either! If you want access to the full list of recipes, they come as my gift to you in every Healthy Bride Experience program!

I've pulled out 3 recipes today to share with you so that you can go into your busy week knowing you have dinner covered in no time. Note, I'm not a huge fan of recipes to begin with - I love cooking by intuition and taste, so I consider my recipes a bit of a "guide"! Feel free to tailor the flavors to your liking.

First up, Caprese-Style Chicken. Caprese salad is one of those super refreshing summer time salads, and actually makes a great topping for chicken! To help on time, thinly slice or pound out your chicken (or buy thin sliced chicken from your butcher). Feel free to grill, too, for an extra summer kick!

I am a HUGE fan of the crock pot. While it does take a little forethought, the results are worth it! My husband absolutely adores this spaghetti sauce recipe, and lights up every time he walks in the door and can smell it cooking! Don't want to use the crock pot? Take the same shortcuts, and just simmer all the ingredients together in a pot for about 15-20 minutes to let the flavors marry and meld! I love serving this over spiralized zucchini, especially when I bought it pre-spiralized in the store, but regular or wheat pasta can be a quick substitute as well.

Eggs do not just have to be for breakfast! Our family loves avocado toast with fried eggs - the runny and delicious yolk, the creamy avocado, and a kick from the red pepper is just heavenly! Serve this on a sprouted grain bread for extra health benefits, including more fiber, protein, and vitamins and minerals! I always check for sprouted grain bread in the freezer section because if it needs freezing, it means it has zero preservatives. Winning all around, yes?

If you loved these recipes, be sure to share them with your busy friends so they can enjoy them too! Eating healthy when you're planning a wedding does not have to be impossible, nor super time consuming! Combine a little intention with some super simple shortcuts, and you can eat well and healthy in less than 20 minutes.

For more help on becoming your own Healthy Bride, be sure to visit and check out my programs! If you're struggling with feeling your wedding-best, I can help - you deserve to enjoy this season and stand confidently when you say I do. Book a complimentary Breakthrough Session, and you can tell me all about your struggles, and I will show you just how I can help!


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