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6 Steps to More Willpower

Willpower. Oftentimes it is the only thing standing between eating one piece of pizza or four; sleeping in or getting out for that early morning walk; one plate of pasta or seconds. Anyone who has set a health or weight goal most likely understands how integral willpower is to achieving success, but many struggle with what to do when willpower doesn't exist.

You have possibly been there - you wake up with intention for the day, but the boss brings donuts and you find yourself having one, or two...or three. Then you kick yourself because you feel like you failed, and you don't understand why you can't make your goals stick.

Good news, my friend! I'm going to break down some of the ways you can start to exercise and grow your willpower, so you can see more success in your future.

1. Make a schedule.

Having a routine means that we are less likely to opt-out of our intentions because we don't have to think - we just follow the schedule! Too much time to think and we can start thinking about things we'd "rather" be doing.

2. Stay hydrated.

Being dehydrated can slow your mental processes and dull your thinking! This can lower your inhibitions and cause you to reach for things like sugar, or opt out of an exercise session due to sluggishness.

3. Don't go hungry.

Yep! Eating regularly helps keep your blood sugar stable, meaning your brain is not deprived of its favorite energy source: glucose. When the brain doesn't have enough, our inhibitions go out the window and we're even more likely to reach for sugar or processed foods!

4. Make SMART goals.

SMART stands for specific, measureable, attainable, relevant to your overall goal, and time-bound. By making your goals SMART, you provide context and specificity so you understand exactly what you're setting out to achieve and now how and when you hit success. Nothing kills willpower faster than not really knowing what you are doing or when you've had success.

5. Stay consistent.

Just like exercising a muscle like your bicep, it takes consistent exercise for your muscle to experience growth and improvements in strength. Your willpower is just like a muscle, it needs consistent exercise to grow.

6. Pray.

Inviting God into your goals brings a phenomenal amount of power that your own willpower can never contest. The more we try to deny His control, the less control we actually have. So conversely, if we relinquish the control, the more self-control we will begin to experience.

So next time you're ready to set some goals and are unsure of your ability to stick to the plan, try implementing these steps! We'd love to hear how they work for you, and how God is moving in your health journey!

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