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When God Calls for Growth

It is one of my philosophies that most often we find happiness when we experience progress. Everything must grow at some point, or else it withers and fades away. Without growth, what is left?

The past year has been full of obstacles and phenomenal opportunities for growth. I spent more time talking - and listening - to God. I met new, inspirational women who encouraged me in ways I didn't even know I needed to be encouraged. I added services and skills to my business. But through all these growth-filled moments, I also had more challenges. My schedule was changing, my daughter was growing and needing more of me, and those moments allowed doubt to creep in.

I put Set-Point Wellness on hold, as I felt I was being spread far too thin to pour into a business what a new and budding (and beautiful) business so deserves. And you know what? I am so glad I did.

The break allowed me to refocus, recenter, and realign with a deeper purpose and passion. Through my journey with God, I began to understand that more women just like me struggle with balancing worldly health and a society based on aesthetics, with a greater God-given calling for life beyond a pant size or cellulite.

Through this time away from my old business vision, I met a phenomenal daughter of Christ, Marissa Nash, owner and founder of The Vine Women. Marissa's mission of helping more women live in alignment with their God-given calling helped nurture my own desire to incorporate my relationship with Christ with my passion of health coaching. Through Marissa's coaching and her brand development program, a new vision for Set-Point Wellness was born!

So there you have it. Welcome to the new Set-Point Wellness! A space designed to help you live a healthy life of balance. A space designed to help you never sacrifice your values for a cultural model of health or beauty. A space designed to help you cultivate the skills to be the best version of yourself, the You that God created you to be. A space designed for freedom: freedom to be a woman, freedom to be successful, and freedom to be beautiful. Welcome. I am beyond thrilled that you are here!

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