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THIS is the Best Way to Lose Weight

The most common question I get asked is, "What is the best way to lose weight?" I always have the same answer: it depends. And while it depends on lots of physiological factors, calories in vs. out, quality of calories, exercise intensity, etc., the biggest (and the one over which you have the most control) is you.

When you are trying to make a lifestyle change, it is important that you consider if it is sustainable for you. Factors such as cost, prep and shopping time, taste - they will all play a role in you determining what you'd like to stick with. Then you have to consider if factors such as non-GMO vs. GMO, organic vs. nonorganic, or natural vs. artificial matter to you and are implementable (again, considering things like cost and time) [hint: they matter]. If you are having trouble deciding, a health coach can help you navigate a course.

After you've figured out what you feel is important, and of course figured out what your goal is, then next, and possibly the most crucial element to your success, is to dig into your why. Why is it important that you lose weight (or increase energy, improve health, etc.)? Understanding your why is establishing a mindset that you hope to achieve - and it is the mindset, combined with the tools, habits, and skills that you build along the way, that will be your biggest predictor of continued success.

So how on earth do you understand your why?

These are just some of the amazing, deep-rooted questions that a coach will help you dig up. From your answers, your coach will help you till the soils of your life so that even more greatness and success can grow. Once you've established and grown into your mindset, long-term success will follow.

Sure, you do not need a coach to find your why. You do not need anything to do anything you set your mind to. But if you are stuck, or would like some extra help on getting started, we are here for you and would love to help you understand and own your own why.

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