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Can We Pass Your Test? 8 Reasons to Hire SPW

It's interview time! "Why should I hire you?" is a common question that managers or supervisors love to ask during the hiring process in an effort to see how or why you stand out, and also see just how you can provide value to their team. It requires selling yourself, but the right amount of confidence can land you the job.

When looking for a coach or a trainer, you should be asking the exact same question. "Why should I hire you to help me (lose weight, improve energy, boost performance, etc.)?" If the trainer or coach can't answer that question, or comes up short with answers like, "I've helped others succeed", then it's time for you to end the interview and move on to the next!

Here is why you should hire Set-Point Wellness:

  • We put all of our focus on you.

  • This means that you are 100% in control.

  • We work with you to build your success, without fear of discipline for missed goals or falling short.

  • We encourage you every step of the way.

  • We don't emphasize weight loss - we emphasize your transformation.

  • We encourage long term success, not a certain number of pounds, dress sizes, or inches lost.

  • We build confidence in your ability to not only get healthy, but to stay healthy.

  • We teach you the skills, or help you develop them on your own, to be in control of your life, your food, your weight, your stress, and your exercise.

  • If you "fall off the wagon", we help you find a more comfortable seat when you get back on.

Why you should NOT hire Set-Point Wellness:

  • You want to lose a lot of weight really fast.

  • You want a 'quick fix' with minimal effort.

  • You don't want to change your lifestyle.

  • You don't want help.

So... did we get the job?

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