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Thanksgiving Week Survival Tips

It's almost Turkey Time! Worried about putting on the pounds this week? Here are some tips to help you stay trim, despite all the trimmings:

1. Build up a budget - cut 100-300 calories from your daily intake, to give yourself a little more "wiggle" room on Thanksgiving Day

2. Go for a walk before AND after dinner - the exercise will not only help burn off some extra calories, knowing that you have to go on a walk will also help you from over eating (who wants to waddle like a turkey?)

3. Drink plenty of water - staying hydrated means you are less likely to eat because you are actually thirsty. It will also help to cut down on the amount of other calorie-filled fluids you can consume.

4. Only eat what you truly enjoy! Don't like the sweet potatoes? Don't even put them on your plate! By focusing on eating what you truly enjoy, you aren't wasting extra calories on the other foods.

5. Don't skip meals just so you can eat more later, especially if you are eating later in the day. Having a moderate breakfast packed with protein and fiber will keep your blood sugar stable so you are less likely to crash...right into a big plate of too much food!

6. Focus on maintaining. If you are worried about trying to LOSE weight this week, consider shifting your focus to NOT GAINING. It can help you feel much more successful.

7. Be thankful. Having gratitude for the gifts you have before you can help you stay present, preventing you from overeating. When we have a sense of calm, we can focus on enjoying the foods on our plates to really savor the flavors and textures.

8. Try eating your veggies first. By filling up on lower calorie vegetable dishes, such as roasted Brussels sprouts, salads, or other dishes, you may end up eating less of the higher calorie items (sorry, most green-bean casseroles don't count as low cal!)

9. Use smaller plates. Our eyes can trick our brains into thinking we have eaten more when a small plate is filled.

10. Try a small spoonful of all the dishes first, if you want; and then you can decide what you really enjoy and commit to one or two of those if you'd like seconds.

Happy Thanksgiving week from SPW!

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