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Excuses - Exceptions, Not the Rule

"I don't have time to workout today."

"The baby kept me up all night."

"I don't know how to cook healthy foods."

"Exercise is boring."

"I travel for work and have to eat on the road."

All of these are - let's face it - excuses. Excuses get a really bad rap because they are the reasons we give for not doing something, and are often considered "ways out." The age old "My dog ate my homework."

When working with new clients, a lot of the times I hear: "I don't mean to be making excuses, but..." You probably have said the same thing to yourself, your spouse, your boss perhaps - anytime you end up not able to complete a task or goal, even when there is a valid reason. And usually, you feel bad about it - you feel like you are letting the other person down, not to mention yourself!

Excuses can be detrimental to your progress if you are constantly making them. Instead of focusing on the excuses, try switching a focus to the reason. If excuses are consistent, it is likely that there is a trend of a bigger problem, one that is now a barrier. And once you've identified the barrier, you and your coach can strategize how to overcome it.

There are also times that excuses are just valid, plain and simple. You got in a car accident and are late for a meeting. You twisted your ankle and can't run. You were in back-to-back meetings and couldn't eat your pre-planned snack. When these excuses are the exception, it is helpful to turn them into actions. Missed your snack? Have a backup or emergency snack kit (such as a small bag of mixed nuts, or a small fruit) in your bag so you can munch while walking between meetings. Injured and can't exercise? Work on stretches or core work while your injury heals, so you stay in the habit of "activity" even if it isn't the extent you are used to.

Excuses can be powerful tools, as long as they are your exception, and not your rule. Want some help figuring out how to turn your excuses into action? Contact us today!

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