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Who is Set-Point Wellness?

Welcome to Set-Point Wellness! We're a company that cares so much about your health, happiness, and well-being - and we want to help. Want to get to know us? Keep reading!

A set-point is your body's physiological "happy place." It's essentially where your body naturally strives to be. When approaching weight management, health, physical goals, etc., there is a lot to consider. Why do you want to achieve "x, y, z"? What stops you? What helps you? By helping you dig deeper into your motivations, and understanding what drives you or what inhibits you, we will work with you to identify your set-point.

Coach Ginny first developed the idea of SPW after years of working in the fitness industry and observing how a lot of approaches are focused on serving the coach, not the client. Clients are led to believe they are in control because they come in with goals, such as "I want to lose my love handles" - but then the coach takes over with his or her knowledge and applies it to the client. Often times, there is great success while working with the coach, or the program, or the supplement, or whatever it is that is being sold to the client (you) – but when the clients are back on their own, they start to slip back to old patterns of behavior and results come undone.

During an undergraduate intro to personal training college course, coach Ginny remembers some of the greatest advice she’s ever received: “A good trainer is one who works so that the client will ultimately no longer need you.” This idea has stuck with Ginny through her career – enable and educate the client so that he or she can succeed on their own. Set-Point Wellness coaching is built on this exact cornerstone, that coaching is a client-centered approach designed to educate and motivate the client to success.

Here at SPW we can still work with you on your training goals. If you feel well-equipped enough to work on your own, we encourage it. But if you need the extra help, the extra guidance, or simply just need help getting started, maybe coaching is right for you. Remember, you are always in control. We will never push you into something you are uncomfortable with – but this doesn’t mean that we won’t push you to be your best self. We will never tell you what you need to do – but this doesn’t mean that we won’t help you find it. We will never give up on you – but this doesn’t mean you will need us forever.

You don’t have to be in shape to get in shape, or be healthy to get healthy. You just have to be willing to try, to get started. So let me ask you: Are you willing?

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