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Are You Willing?

Turn on the TV or scroll social media and you will be bombarded with plans, programs, supplements, shakes, or gimmicks that offer you real, fast, or lasting results. We get sucked into these claims because they sound amazing – who wouldn’t want to lose 10 pounds in one week, or get a six-pack from a wrap overnight?

When promised these types of results, a few things happen. One, we get hooked! Two, we are given the impression that weight loss or physical results can come easily only with the assistance of the proposed program/plan/device. This implication further weakens our ability to believe in ourselves and our ability to succeed. Thus, a cycle is born – you don’t believe you can achieve it, so you fail, so you reach out for the “quick fix”, further believe you can’t achieve without it, stop taking or using it, gain the weight back or lose results, and further believe you can’t achieve. See how that works? Set-Point Wellness is here to break the cycle.

Health coaching is a client-centered approach that requires a very integral component: you. While your coach is here to help ask you the tough questions and guide you to success, you have to be willing to work, willing to change, or at least be willing to try. I know, this sounds like such a drag – we’re back to the idea that a quick fix just sounds amazing. But here is the kicker - When you do the work, you develop a type of confidence called self-efficacy. This belief in your ability to succeed, no matter how small the accomplishment, is a primary indicator of future success. That’s it! Not a program, not a pill, not a plan – you yourself can be the best indicator of your success if you are willing to make the change.

If you are tired of the industry making you feel less than capable, maybe it’s time to give yourself a chance. Are you willing?

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