The Healthy Bride Experience E-Course

The Healthy Bride Experience E-Course

Your wedding has you dreaming, wishing, and planning for the most perfect day ever. Don't let yourself get stressed over the most important detail - you! This e-course is not just about weight loss - it's about helping you navigate the months before your wedding so that you are the healthiest, least stressed, most radiant bride you can be. The course is also designed to help you stay healthy and radiant, because, yes, this is a lifestyle!


The E-Course is perfect for you if:

You are self-motivated!

You want to make changes in your life and need guidance.

You don't need an extra layer of accountability (but if you decide you do, please reach out!)



Module 1 - Getting Started

- Learn how to get crystal clear on your goals and create a vision for your continued success

- Learn what it takes to set (and stick to) an exercise routine

Module 2 - Managing Your Life

- Explore and understand your stress triggers while also learning to manage them

- Learn how to manage your time so that it no longer becomes an excuse

Module 3 - Nutrition

- Dive into the basics of healthy eating 

- Learn how to navigate social situations so you no longer feel guilty after a party or holiday

Module 4 - Sustained Success

- Learn what it takes to "stay on the wagon" by developing consistency

- Explore and develop the right support system for your continued progress

- Learn how to maintain your new habits, even when you feel like quitting

Module 5 - What to do when things go wrong

- When barriers arise, learn how to navigate and overcome them

- Life happens - Learn how to handle the setbacks

- Re-explore barriers and identify what you've already overcome

Module 6 - Think and You Can

- Learn and develop a deep sense of self-confidence and positivity toward your new lifestyle


Bonus Lesson: Affirmations

Bonus Module: After the Honeymoon

Bonus Module: Adjusting Your Goals

Bonus Module: Using the Tools



Not sure if this is the right fit, but you know you need some help? Reach out! Coach Ginny can help you decide if The Healthy Bride Experience is the right tool to support you in your wedding journey. Send an email to today!