Truly, Freely, Healthy E-Course

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Learn to live in full freedom when it comes to your health, food, and your self-identity in relation to weight, nutrition, and wellness. This E-Course walks you through every area of behavior change that you would work through in 1:1 sessions with Coach Ginny, saving you just shy of $2,000 from the full-service program. It's a great way for the self-motivated to make incredible, lasting changes to their lifestyles!



Module 1 - Getting Started

- Learn how to get crystal clear on your goals and create a vision for your continued success

- Learn what it takes to set (and stick to) an exercise routine

Module 2 - Managing Your Life

- Explore and understand your stress triggers while also learning to manage them

- Learn how to manage your time so that it no longer becomes an excuse

Module 3 - Nutrition

- Dive into the basics of healthy eating 

- Learn how to navigate social situations so you no longer feel guilty after a party or holiday

Module 4 - Sustained Success

- Learn what it takes to "stay on the wagon" by developing consistency

- Explore and develop the right support system for your continued progress

- Learn how to maintain your new habits, even when you feel like quitting

Module 5 - What to do when things go wrong

- When barriers arise, learn how to navigate and overcome them

- Life happens - Learn how to handle the setbacks

- Re-explore barriers and identify what you've already overcome

Module 6 - Think and You Can

- Learn and develop a deep sense of self-confidence and positivity toward your new lifestyle


Bonus Lesson: Affirmations

Bonus Module: After the Holidays, a Vacation, or Illness

Bonus Module: Adjusting Your Goals

Bonus Module: Using the Tools


Purchase your E-course now at a great reduced rate! You will receive the Getting Started Guide upon purchase and the E-Course will be emailed directly to you upon launch in mid December. For any questions, email


Why the E-Course?

E-Courses provide more structure, support, and guidance than the E-books without requiring the full investment of a full service program. If you're not sure if this is the right fit for your needs, but a free support strategy session with Coach Ginny. 


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