The Healthy Bride Experience E-Book
  • The Healthy Bride Experience E-Book

    16-weeks from now, you could be a whole new you. 

    When it comes to losing weight, improving health, or making overall lifestyle changes, it's not as simple (ever) as eating less and moving more. Behavior is intricate, and this workbook is designed to help you understand yourself, while equipping you for change. If you've tried countless ways to lose weight or manage your health, but ultimately failed, then this workbook is for you.


    You will learn:

    how to set realistic goals that you can continuously achieve; how to navigate social settings with confidence; how to identify and overcome barriers; how to handle setbacks while maintaining progress; and more.

    This e-book is the foundation of behavior change and also all of our programs. It is designed for self-study, written to challenge and encourage progress. For the self-disciplined and autonomous bride, it is the perfect solution.



    The E-books are recommended for individuals who are self-motivated but want to have extra guidance when it comes to making health changes. Not sure if this is the right fit for you? Book a free support strategy session with Coach Ginny to help clarify your concerns, challenges, goals, and needs. 


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