Stop STRUGGLING and Finally Lose

20lbs* in 21 Days

Without Gaining it Back

It is not your fault that DIETS DON'T WORK!


Diets deprive, leaving you:

  •  Miserable

  •  Tired

  •  Hungry

  •  With Cravings

  •  About to Gain it Back

  •  Unsure of How to Keep Weight Off 

  •  Feeling Like You Have No Control


Sound familiar?

Want something better, a plan that delivers real, sustainable results? 

  • A plan that leaves you satisfied?

  • A plan that eliminates cravings?

  • A plan that helps fight inflammation?

  • A plan that tastes great, and is easy to implement?

With this plan, I am going to help you not only lose the weight:

I'm going to make it super easy for you and give you all the tools to make a complete lifestyle change and keep it off for good.

What You Get Today...

21-Day Dietitian-Approved Meal Plan that takes ALL the work out of menu planning!

Keto Success Manual, delivering all the expert tips and secretsto make the most of your fat-burning journey and avoiding things like the Keto Flu!

3-Weekly Shopping Lists so you know exactly what to get at the grocery store to complete your weekly menus!

Keto Recipe Manual that includes tons of healthy and delicious meals so there’s no need to spend countless time scrolling Pinterest or Google for ideas on keto-approved meals!

Complete Macronutrient Breakdown so you see the full nutrition you’re getting to stay healthy and full of vitality!

Measurement Checklist to ensure you’re monitoring your progress in the best way and can celebrate amazing results!

Transition Guide to help you know what to safely do once you’ve finished your keto program or hit your goal weight, without gaining the weight back!

Read what clients have said about some of my other programs:

The Ketogenic Diet is DIFFERENT.

Instead of depriving the body of nutrients or calories, it actually just shifts how your body is acquiring nutrition from carbohydrate-dense foods to fat- and protein-dense foods. 


Let me explain. When the body burns energy, it typically prefers to use carbohydrates. When we eliminate the body’s access to carbohydrates, it can shift to burning FAT instead - and not just the fat you eat, but the fat that you’ve stored as well. 

You literally turn into a fat burning machine!


So what’s the catch, right? Typically things that sound too good to be true usually are. But with a ketogenic diet, the only catch is that there is a right way to do it - and a wrong way.


The wrong ways include not focusing on nutrition and just focusing on eating more fat. If you’re not careful, you can end up gaining MORE weight and or putting your health at risk.

The right way? Getting expert help! That usually translates to hundreds of dollars spent 1:1 with a dietitian or nutritionist, spending time on developing a meal plan and grocery list. Not to mention, you have to hope that the dietitian is well-versed in keto and has all the necessary tricks up her sleeve to help you do it with ease, so you avoid things like the ever-dreaded Keto Flu. 


Luckily for you, I’ve already taken the time to develop a plan that is dietitian-approved.

What I found after personally testing this keto program was a little


How Sustainable and Satisfying it Was

✅ How EASY it Was to Maintain the Weight Lost

✅ No More Afternoon Naps, Better Sleep, and More Energy

✅ Sugar Cravings Were Gone!

And because I put the work in on the front end with the dietitian, tweaking and writing a plan that will work for you, you won’t have to pay $100’s. 


You won’t even have to pay $100. 


You won’t even have to pay $50!


You can get access to the 21-Day Keto Restart Program

TODAY for as little as $37! 

I'm testing this offer out, it's not available any where else, and it may come down at any minute, so don't wait - it may not be around tomorrow!

I’m Ginny Leavitt, and I am a certified health coach and certified weight management specialist.


Because health is highly personal, I also struggled with a way of eating that left me happy, energized, satisfied, and at a

comfortable weight - all things that I wanted that sometimes

were hard to find together.

Normally $147

Today only $37

Cheers to a healthy new you!


Ginny Leavitt

Lead Coach and Founder

*Results are not typical and should not be construed as average. This plan has helped some clients lose 20+ pounds. This plan should not be used by anyone who is taking medications for a medical condition, or who has diabetes, is pregnant or nursing, or has a history of kidney issues.

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INTRODUCING: A 21-Day Keto Reset Program That Will Turn You Into a Fat-Burning Machine

Judy, Tampa FL

Ginny is a great coach. She has helped me lower my blood sugar, blood pressure and lose weight! I feel better and I'm down 2 sizes!

Sarah, Austin TX

Ginny helps me lead a healthier life without frustration. She's helping me to be more mindful of my eating and activity and overall health.

Janet, Atlana GA

Ginny is great! Suggestions and recipes are very good. Much better than Weight Watchers!