Frequently Asked Questions

How does Ginny Leavitt Health Consulting's services differ from other programs?

Our programs are highly unique, and unlike other programs you may have tried. Our method is based on a three-tiered approach, focusing on mindset (health coaching), exercise, and nutrition. While exercise and nutrition programs are wonderful for education and providing tangible tools to reach your goals, coaching is the component that takes this from "temporary" to "lifestyle". We bring you directly into the center of the program, so instead of telling you what to do (typical programs), we work with you to find the best fit. Everyone is different - there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to health or weight loss, especially long-term. While our programs CAN deliver quick results, our goal is to equip you to sustain your success. We call our programs an Experience because it should never feel like a diet, or something that is inherently difficult. Our programs are designed to empower, equip, and uplift - meaning you are motivated for the changes you are implementing, feeling more energized, and experiencing more self-confidence in your physical and emotional self.

I'm not a bride - can I still work with you?

Of course! Visit our Health Programs page to learn more

I don't have a weight loss goal. Is this still the right fit for me?

Absolutely! If you have a health goal, or need a bit extra support in terms of accountability and guidance, this program is still a great fit. In fact, most clients make outstanding strides in many areas of their health and life outside of weight loss.

I have friends and family who want to get fit with me. Do you offer discounts?

Everything is better when friends and family are involved! We do offer discounts, known as accountability discounts. The initial booking party will receive 10% off per additional friend or family that books. For example, if a bride books with 3 bridesmaids, she will save 30%. She can choose, at the time of booking, to distribute that discount to her friends, or keep the discount for herself. Note, refunds will not be applied for discounts. You must book together (even if you don't start together) for the discount to take effect. We do also offer referral discounts. For every referral that books, you will be eligible to receive a free month of maintenance coaching or nutrition (a $150 value).

I don't know if I need coaching. Do you have anything for me?

Coaching may not be the right fit for everyone all the time. If you're not ready to dive in but still want structured support, we have workbooks and e-courses available. If nutrition is your main area of concern or struggle, you can work directly with our nutritionist, as well. Simply send us an email and we can discuss the right fit for you.

Do you accept payment plans?

We do! You can pay in full, or pay in monthly installments for a small processing fee of $25/month.

Do you accept Insurance or HSA?

We do not accept insurance - though check with your insurance to see if working with a health coach is a reimbursable expense.

What happens after I finish the program?

You will have a few choices! If you selected a shorter program, but would like to continue, you can roll into a longer program (pricing will be prorated). Additionally, you will have exclusive access to our monthly maintenance program. You will have two 15-30 minute check in calls per month, either with a health coach or a dietian (or both, depending on your struggles and needs for the month). You will also have continued access via email and text for additional support and motivation. This program is only available for those who have completed one of our programs.