For the busy-bride looking for a Done-For-You program, I have specially crafted The Healthy Bride Self-Study Course just for you!

The Healthy Bride Experience

In this self-study course, you can work at your own pace as you prepare for your big day. I have specially crafted these workbooks, drawing on my years of experience in the weight management industry, my expertise in coaching, and the latest in educational research. 


You will learn about topics such as: proper goal setting, healthy eating, managing stress, establishing a solid exercise routine, navigating social situations, and more.

What you can expect:

16-week course study

Welcome Packet (including a meal planning calendar, exercise planners, and my go-to recipes for busy weeks)

Private Facebook group for accountability and support

This program is perfect for the bride who wants structure leading up to the wedding, but is autonomous and thrives on self-direction.

21-Day Keto Program

The Ketogenic diet is a high fat, moderate protein, low-carb dietary approach. Without guidance from a dietitian, it may prove challenging and may be difficult to hit micronutrient needs.


With this dietitian-approved 3-week plan and sensible exercise, clients have lost 20+ pounds! Includes recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, and healthy guidelines for a ketogenic diet. 

30-Day Cellular Cleansing System

Combine nutritionally supported intermittent fasting (read: you get to each chocolate!) with high-quality meal replacements, and you've got a scientifically-proven system to deliver great results for: weight loss, decrease in inflammation, improvement in energy, increase in muscle tone.

This convenient system provides 78 of your 90 meals for one month, snacks, chocolates, natural energy drinks, stress busting adaptogens, and full intermittent fast (cellular cleanse) support.