Healthy Habits Program

In the balancing act of life, you're pretty solid in at least one area of your health but need assistance picking up the other pieces without dropping everything else. That's where we come in. Our strategy is to help you develop healthy habits that truly stick so you don't feel like you have to choose between making time to eat healthy and making time to exercise. We help you find the routine that fits best into your lifestyle, while still encouraging healthy change.

Habits are the foundation to good health.

What's Included:

  • Six 1:1 coaching sessions

  • 1 in-depth nutrition evaluation

  • 2 meal planning sessions

  • 1 grocery store tour OR 1 additional nutrition session

  • Text and email support between sessions

  • Your personal workbook that will help you get really clear on your past struggles, as well as your vision for the future

  • Exercise planner

  • Our go-to recipes for busy weeks

  • Exclusive access to Monthly Maintenance Plan


To inquire or learn more about the Truly, Freely, Healthy Program, the first step is to schedule a Support Strategy Call.

During this call, we will go over the areas you struggle with the most in your health. You will see first-hand how our strategies and solutions can help you achieve success. At the end of the call, we will first determine if we are a good coach/client match, and then we will also decide which program is most appropriate for your needs.



Payment Plans Available

It is time to get - and keep - the results you've always wanted.

Food is not the enemy.

Your body is not the enemy.

You CAN do this, and we can't wait to show you how!

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