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I am so excited for you and this season - it is one that is full of love, romance, fun, and wedding planning! 

Are you engaged?

My guess is, though, it's also one that's just a tad too full of stress. Studies indicate that up to 91% of brides have a weight-related goal. 70% have an average weight loss goal of 23 pounds, and only about 1/3 of women lose weight (on average, 7 pounds). Another third of those women end up gaining weight (an average of 7 pounds). These numbers suggest a few things: 

- Brides want weight loss but don't always know how to get there

- There's a lot of extra pressure on brides to look a certain way

- Brides probably end up feeling a ton of added stress that we can help take off her plate

- There's too much emphasis on weight and not enough on total wellness, happiness, or confidence

Where do you fit into these statistics?

Here at Ginny Leavitt Health Consulting, we prefer to focus on total bridal wellness. We emphasize health first, and weight loss being an awesome side effect (if it's even desired!). Our goal is to help you identify your wedding vision in detail, exploring beyond just what you look like and digging into how you feel for that day. We then take you beyond the wedding so that you have a lifestyle plan in place. 

The Healthy Bride Experience is so much more than a diet or weight-loss program. It's a lifestyle plan. You will receive a workbook to help walk you step-by-step through your current and past lifestyle challenges, and prepare you for the future. You work 1:1 with a certified health coach to help you unlock your potential and align your mindset, as well as 1:1 with a registered dietitian to find the nutrition approach that is a best fit for you.

The dress, the details, the pressure - we know you want your day to be perfect. We help you manage the stress. We are your cheerleaders, your mentors, your advocates, your guides. The world wants you to think this is supposed to be a stressful time, but let's work together to prove them wrong!


Not a bride? That's OK! Every program is customizable to you!

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